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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar - Bollino aragosta 100 ml

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Minimum 18-20 years of aging in long batteries of 9 barrels and judged suitable with a minimum score of 275 points (against 270 of the Dop).
The true Balsamic of the millennial Tradition. The Silver label identifies the balsamic that has about 18-20 years of aging and in any case a score of over 270 points in the tasting commission (and at least 275 points for us). The Silver label is undoubtedly a mature product, with an excellent harmony between the sour and sweet and with the characteristic bouquet given by the different woods able to intoxicate anyone. It is probably, among the Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, the one with the best quality / value / usability ratio. It is very versatile and can enrich a meat, as well as a sweet or, inevitable super-classic on the Emilian tables, some flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano of 24 up to 30 months. It is sold, like all Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, in the official bottle of the Dop 100 ml call to "inverted tulip". In the gift box we find, in addition to the Acetaia mini-brochure that explains the differences between any Traditional and the Traditional San Giacomo, a recipe book in language and, very important, the pouring cap with a blown glass "cap". Useful advice: 1- do not remove the cap by levering the neck of the bottle but unscrew it gently. 2- It is not to be kept in the refrigerator, indeed. It's fine at room temperature. 3- the deadline practically does not exist.
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