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Agro di Mosto - Balsamico Basic 5 liters

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The Agro di Mosto is always obtained only from cooked must of local grapes, slowly vinified in oak barrels (the abbesses).
The name reflects well the soul of the product: a must (cooked of course), mainly of Lambrusco grapes, made agro by a slow acetification in semi-filled abbess.
The alternative, economically super-sustainable, we have created for the gourmet (private or restaurateur) who does not want to propose the usual industrial balsamic. The pinzimoni and the salads are his main destination, add it during the last 3-5 minutes of a cooking, gives a nice dark color and an aromatic note sour-sweet.
The real Diabolik of the stove can also use it as a basis for making small ... but do not let me know because otherwise I'm sick! ;-) As with other Balsamic Condiments, the ideal would be to first use it to melt salt and pepper and then incorporate it, perhaps emulsifying it, with a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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