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Green Star Elite - The new health juicer

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Green Star Elite - The new health juicer

Gentle juicing for maximum nutrients
For a unique, intense flavor
Also juiced grasses, herbs and leafy vegetables
Particularly high juice yield
The Green Star Elite is designed to squeeze extra-healthy juices with a maximum of precious vitamins, enzymes and minerals can. The Green Star Elite Juicer is ideal for most types of fruit and vegetables. Special feature: Unlike many other juicers, also green juices can be made with the Green Star Elite. They can be processed into valuable vital juices z. B. fresh wheat grass, long fiber stalks of celery, lettuce leaves and weeds.
3-juicing technology
The Green Star Elite Juicer is the first of a three-stage juicing: pureeing, mixing, pressing.
The two interlocking jumbo press rollers split the pressed material to optimal. Thanks to this technology ...

... The Green Star Elite is also particularly suitable for juicing of grasses, herbs and leafy vegetables.
Puree with a juicer
The first portion of the press rolls is the jumbo Pürier stage. The robust stainless steel rollers crush the fruit and vegetables into fine puree. Long grain vegetables, herbs or cereal grasses are dismembered while in the cutting zone.

Mixing with a juicer
  The rounded grooves of the first three threads are almost perpendicular to slowly transport the pureed fruit and vegetable ingredients. The pressed material is in this case further crushed and mixed together. The vertical alignment of the threads extended this ideal preparation for the final pressing.

Presses with a juicer
In the third area of rolling the screw threads are formed, and are much more angular oblique. So the juice is pressed out very effectively together with healthy ingredients from the pureed fruits and vegetables. With the drain screw to optimize the compression pressure and bring out the maximum juice yield. So the important nutrients come into the glass and do not remain in the marc!

Even higher juice yield
Hard to believe, but the Green Star Elite achieved by their elongated plunger even better juice yield than the Green Star GS-1000 or GS-3000

modern Design
The Green Star Elite juicer not only convinces with heavenly delicious and healthy fresh squeezed juices, but also by modern design that was adapted to the current aesthetic standards in the household.

Even easier to operate
No more screws! The pressing roller housing is easily fixed with a bracket system. The handling is simplified!

More application possibilities through more standard accessories
So that you can prepare a variety of delicacies with your new Green Star Elite Juicer equal, include the coarse sieve and the breadstick set as standard. The practical wood-pusher simplifies the juicing soft fruits. And because cleanliness is an important issue, a drip tray is included - so not a drop comes on the work surface!

Low oxygen Einwirbelung!
By juicing with its powerful but low speed precision press rollers heat buildup in the juice is minimal, so the oxidation is delayed. With only 110 revolutions per minute, the press rolls as gears mesh, so that highly sensitive enzymes and valuable vitamins are preserved in the juice.

More minerals in optimal bioavailability!
In the press rolls of the Green Star Elite juicer bioceramics and magnets are used to optimize the juice quality. This "pull" not only more minerals into the juice, but at the same time also increase their bioavailability. That means your body can absorb the dissolved minerals and better use.

More than just a juicer
Not only that juicing, even the pureeing fresh or frozen fruit (sorbets) succeed with your Green Star Elite juicer easy. Particularly delicious are confections made from nuts and dried fruit. So for example, we developed the recipes for our chocolate confections with a device from the Green Star range.
5 years for residential use

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46.4 cm x 17.48 cm x 31.75 cm (W x D x H)

8.0 kg

240 V, 200 watts, 30-60 minutes

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