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Juice extractor and blender - Batscher Combi juicer

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Dual bar mixer
  • .. juice extractor and blender - two in one.
    Body made of stainless steel
    2 speed control, max. 20.000 r.p.m.
    Power: 800 W / 230 V
    Juice extractor
    Feed chute Ø 70 mm
    Size: W 290 x D 240 x H 450 mm
    Plastic cup included, capacity: 1 litre
    Mixer / Blender
    Blade made of stainless steel
    Mixing cup made of glass,
    base and lid made of plastic
    Capacity: 1,8 litres
    Size: W 220 x D 240 x H 450 mm
    The device is not suitable for
    continuous commercial use.
    Weight: 12 kg
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