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  • Yellow lentil miso Bio paste amino 200g

Cheese miso Bio Cheeso 200g

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Yellow lentil miso Bio pasta amino 200g

Miso has been produced for thousands of years in China, Indonesia and Japan using different methods. The name Miso comes from Japan where this technique was perfected in the last centuries. In recent years, miso has also been produced in Europe with local grains and pulses. For example, we mainly use Italian products in organic quality. The result is a paste that adds complexity and umami flavour to dishes and sauces and can also be used instead of salt. The salt used comes from the Cervia salt works and is 100% natural with no added iodine.

Use: for marinades, dressings, to intensify soups, sauces, desserts, meat dishes, fish dishes, vegan cuisine.

Contents: 200g

Ingredients: barley, yellow lentils, salt, aspergillus oryzae
Contains Gluten / Contiene Glutine


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