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Paté of black olives

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10-14 days Quantity
Ingredients: black olives (var. Leccine and celline), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, lemon juice.

The leccine and celline olives are typical of our area. They are collected between October and November. Washed and mixed in water and salt for about 6 months, the olives are then processed to extract the pulp
it constitutes this paté composed of both varieties, to give a perfect balance of taste and color. Paté comes
invaded, using extra virgin olive oil.

It is a perfect paté for bruschetta and for filling sandwiches and sandwiches. Delicious paired with aged cheeses, or to season pasta.

In summary:

  • short supply chain
  • integrated production of crusher rails
  • 100% Italian artisanal production
  • drying of vegetables in the sun
  • product without use of preservatives
  • conservation in olive oil

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