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Artichokes with crudaiola stalk

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10-14 days Quantity
Ingredients: artichokes (65%), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, lemon juice.

The artichokes with stem are of the "Brindisi" variety. They do not reproduce in nurseries, but are grown by taking the plants from already existing plantations. The cultivation takes place starting from October, the harvest starts in March.
The processing, which takes place within eight hours from the fresh, consists of a first defoliation and manual cleaning with a knife and a paring knife. The artichoke is immediately potted in extra virgin olive oil and sunflower.

These artichokes with stems are also particularly beautiful to see. Use them for the most delicious appetizers, but also to season the pizza or sautéed in a pan to enrich a hot dish.

In summary:

  • short supply chain
  • integrated production
  • 100% Italian artisanal production
  • drying of vegetables in the sun
  • product without use of preservatives
  • conservation in olive oil

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