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Capers of Salento
  • Capers of Salento

Capers of Salento

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10-14 days Quantity
Ingredients: capers, sea salt.
They are typical of the Salento landscape and the tradition of the farmers. During the whole of the early twentieth century, whole families were pouring into the countryside to collect the capers, one by one, from the bushy and low plants. In the 70s Racale was among the leading countries in the production of capers.
Today, unfortunately, there are fewer farmers who gather capers on our farm. When they arrive here the capers are washed, de-cured and matured in salt for 3-4 months. The excess water is then dried and mixed with dry sea salt from the Margherita di Savoia salt pans, which are then naturally filled.
We are engaged in the planting of new plants in our area, and in the promotion of the caper at national and international level. This process can represent a lever against the crisis for our territory.
The "caper of Racale" is a fragrant and unique fruit. It can be paired with green salads or potatoes, fish, stewed meat with white wine, pizza-flavored pasta.

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