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Long tomatoes dried in the sun

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Ingredients: sun-dried long tomatoes (65%), extra virgin olive oil (30%), capers, chilli pepper, garlic, aromatic herbs, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice.

Long tomatoes are grown in April and May, and harvested and processed manually in July and August.

Washed, selected, cut, placed on drying frames, salted and left in the sun for 4-5 days. Then subjected to a new selection and a new washing with water and vinegar. Seasoned with Mediterranean spices and potted in extra virgin olive oil.

To get 1 kg of sun-dried tomatoes, it takes about 10 kg of fresh tomatoes and over 130 hours of processing.
This is the only way to find the best tomatoes in the jars: those that have ripened in the right time and have retained all the nutritional and organoleptic properties that make them unique.

The long dried tomatoes are typical of the Mediterranean diet of southern Italy. They are eaten with hard wheat bread for
savor all the smells of fresh mint, red pepper and garlic. If accompanied with other vegetables, they become excellent
starter. Delicious on pizza, they lend themselves to the creativity of the chefs even in first courses and side dishes.

In summary:

  • short chain conveyor
  • integrated production
  • 100% Italian artisanal production
  • drying of vegetables in the sun
  • product without use of preservatives
  • conservation in olive oil

Taste and authentic flavors (not standardized) of the Salento tradition.

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