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Apricot jam (75%) 335 g
  • Apricot jam (75%) 335 g

Apricot jam (75%) 335 g

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10-14 days Quantity
From honey sweet, delicious apricots
The ingredients of this compote are: apricot (70%), sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent, apple pectin
The difference between compote and jam consists in the fact that, since 2004, the term "jam" is only allowed for compotes produced with citrus fruits.
The fruit content of a jam can not be less than 35%, while in fruit compotes it must be at least 65%.
ALPE PRAGAS compounds are produced with a 70% fruit content with only 30% sugar, lemon juice and apple pectin as gelling agent. NO dyes or preservatives are added. The compounds are distinguished by their fresh fruit taste, the reduced sugar content and therefore by a low caloric value.

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