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  • Baghi's

    Why the name Baghi's? Well, it's simply the nickname by which all friends, since childhood, call Fabio. Since he is the one who puts his hands in the dough and creates the sweets, it came more than natural to call our "creature" Baghi's.

    Our Baghi's sweets are all without preservatives, colorants or additives: we always prefer to look for the best raw materials, from flour to butter, eggs... even the pinch of salt we add must be of quality! Only in this way with such a deep attention you can satisfy even the most demanding palates and above all you can perceive the difference of a quality product compared to a mass product.

    Surely the best known products of Baghi's Artisan Confectioners are the leavened products. Thunderstruck on the road to Damascus after having almost casually followed a course on leavening with live mother yeast, we have always deepened this theme and have become more and more specialized. Mother yeast is something extraordinary! It 's something alive, that must be fed every day and must be cared for with the greatest attention, it is something that can give you immense satisfaction in terms of quality and digestibility, but wants to be cared for as a family member. It is something that involves you every day and every day teaches you something. It's a world of its own, it's simply fantastic.

    Whether it is a simple bread or a complex dessert like panettone, the living mother yeast can release aromas and flavors that cannot be replicated, it becomes one with you and "sign" your products with your imprint. For these and many other reasons we initially focused on panettone, the real one, the leavened panettone ONLY with live sourdough, without flavours, colourings or preservatives, without mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, the leavened one for 60/70 hours as it used to be done in the past. Obviously for us at Baghi's a good leavening wasn't enough. we looked for the best flours, the tastiest eggs, the butter made as it should be!

    From the panettone it was natural to add among Baghi's products also the colomba and other leavened sweets like our Mimì, up to our alcoholic Pandolci. In fact, if Fabio has a passion for sweets, Riccardo has a passion for wine. For this reason, after obtaining the Sommelier diploma, how can we take advantage of this new wealth of information and combine the world of sweets with the world of wine and spirits? Well... that's done!

    Baghi's mother yeast
    Together they created pandolci leavened with mother yeast to which they added, after cooking, some goodies from the world of wine and spirits. From the Colli di Conegliano Torchiato di Fregona DOCG raisin wine, to the 25 years old R75 grappa of the La Valdotaine distillery, to the Fiori d'Arancio Passito Alpianae di Vignalta, passing also through the Ratafià de La Valdotaine, the Mojito and the Limoncello, pushing us to the La Nera craft beer of the Labi Beer brewery, we married the two worlds that fascinated us the most... and we will certainly find other pearls to add to our family!

    Baghi's does not only produce leavened cakes. We also focused on cookies. Not just any cookies of course. We started with the famous American cookies, giving them an Italian touch by making them crunchy, up to the last shortbreads, products like all our desserts, with the best raw materials but making them unique by enriching them with spices (in purity), candied fruit or dark chocolate.

    We tried to create cookies for every occasion, to accompany something special like a good distillate or a good beer, or simply to taste in the morning with a coffee or during the day for a sweet break. Baghi's is also something else, Sbrisolona, Brownie, meringues, all according to basic recipes but with excellent raw materials.
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  • Caroma

    Quality coffe froma Souttyrol

  • Dalbello

    The history of our company began in the 50s of the last Century, when our father Vittorio founded the business.
    He was a master in handing down the passion for his job, and we, his sons Mario and Antonio, have chosen to carry on the project that our father had created with sacrifices and satisfaction.
    Every day is a challenge, tradition is a value and innovation is the way that we have to follow. We have melted the past and the future in order to make our present great. We produce wine with avant-garde techniques, cultivating Asolo’s land as in the past.
    The respect for nature, biodynamic and innovation become one.

  • Trota oro

    Trota Oro - a company owned by the Leonardi family - was born in 1988 with the production of smoked trout, according to a traditional recipe that with experience has been developed to obtain a product with unique characteristics and at the same time with good preservation qualities.

  • Von Braunbach

    The cellar of Braunbach

    Founded in 1991 by Hans Kleon, one of the pioneers in South Tyrolean wine and sparkling wine production, von Braunbach today stands specifically for South Tyrolean sparkling wine enjoyment, but also for excellent white and red wines produced in the renovated cellars of the Teutonic Order in Siebeneich. The perfect environment for balancing growth and maturity.