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Caseificio Canevaccia

The Canevaccia Dairy was founded in 1961 by the passion of about thirty members who firmly believe in the peculiarities of Parmigiano Reggiano made exclusively with the use of "mountain" milk. The intent of the members is to obtain a quality production by exploiting the qualities of the milk produced by cows that graze at altitudes above 600 meters while maintaining the millennial tradition of the production of a unique cheese in the world.<br />The transformation of milk into Parmigiano-Reggiano occurs following a meticulous and standardized procedure that requires the use of about 600 liters of milk to obtain a medium-weight form of about 35 kilograms. The stalls of the transferring partners are all located in the area and meet the strict requirements imposed by the regulations of the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano and "Terre di Montagna". Our cheese makers are the best interpreters of an ancient craft that requires great dedication, experience and love for their work. These are the ingredients that allow Parmigiano Reggiano to have not only a unique flavor but also a great nutritional value that can reach 50% of the daily calcium requirement and 40% of that of phosphorus.</span>

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