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Extra virgin olive oil D'aragona 250 ml

It has a great character, but is also distinguished by harmony, complexity and balance. Never invasive, it is an excellent companion for all dishes. D'Aragona is a 100% oil made in Conversano, which speaks of the territory in which it is born, rooted in this history, along with olive trees planted in leopard scrub. Ours is a rich oil: the Olivastro cultivar prevails, but the cultivars Simone,...

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Agro di Mosto - Balsamico Basic 5 liters

The Agro di Mosto is always obtained only from cooked must of local grapes, slowly vinified in oak barrels (the abbesses).The name reflects well the soul of the product: a must (cooked of course), mainly of Lambrusco grapes, made agro by a slow acetification in semi-filled abbess.The alternative, economically super-sustainable, we have created for the gourmet (private or restaurateur) who does...

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Il Rigatone

Rigatoni di Pasta di Canossa are bronze-drawn and dried according to the tradition of great artisanal pastas. Its final texture allows the sauce to adhere perfectly to each single rigatone, to give the palate a real explosion of flavors. Extremely versatile in combinations, this pasta format is suitable for the creation of many first courses.

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Extra virgin olive oil - Mediterranea Collection -...

Like the seawater that surrounds us, like the climate, like all the things that bring the essence to the Mediterranean. This oil line is inspired in its packaging by the delicacy Pugliese majolica. Noble decorations such as embroidered doilies, flourishes and baroque patterns combine with bold colors and shapes, which are strongly rooted in this area and take up the most important ideas. A...

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Creamy as the amalgam of just two ingredients: acacia honey from our own production and roasted hazelnuts from the Langhe. Gentle as the Piedmontese trilobata hazelnut and its soft and delicate taste. Our product contains no added sugar, additives, preservatives, palm oil or other thickeners. Crema Gentile is healthy and sweetly unmistakable. It can be tasted delicately spread on slices of...

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Fewer-Tree LEMON TONIC 0,20 Lt

  By blending the finest Sicilian lemons with spring water and quinine of the highest quality from the fever trees of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have created a delicious lemon tonic water with an authentic refreshing taste and aroma. TASTE The sharpness of the Sicilian lemons and the gentle bitterness of the quinine brilliantly counterbalance the sweetness of sweet and...

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Artichokes with crudaiola stalk

The artichokes with stem are of the "Brindisi" variety. They do not reproduce in nurseries, but are grown by taking the plants from already existing plantations. The cultivation takes place starting from October, the harvest starts in March.The processing, which takes place within eight hours from the fresh, consists of a first defoliation and manual cleaning with a knife and a paring knife....

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I Fusilli

With slightly larger spirals, Fusillo di Pasta di Canossa is a perfect format to capture all the flavor of sauces based on vegetables and fresh tomatoes. Not only its particular form but also its production process, which is only artisanal and monitored from start to finish, make it a unique type of pasta.

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