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Black garlic & black vegetables There are 2 products.

Black garlic and shallots from Italian organic vegetables fermented buy online at Condito.

Black garlic originates from Korea and is very healthy because the fermentation process activates antioxidant compounds. It is considered anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-allergic and does not leave the bad breath of fresh garlic after ingestion. The production is relatively simple compared to other ferments, the tubers are shrink-wrapped or packed in airtight containers and left to ferment at 60° for 2-3 months, after which it is peeled and either preserved whole or made into a paste. It serves as the base for Condito Black Garlic BBQ Sauce which is also cooked down with liquid smoke, whiskey, sugar, ketchup, garum and vinegar.

Possible applications: To refine sauces, soups, dressings, risottos, meat dishes, purees and to marinate meat, fish and vegetables.

buy black garlic, shallots & organic vegetables from Italy online at Condito