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Buy Condito ready meals online and prepare gourmet menus at home
With us you will find soups, appetizers, main courses and desserts

You have guests but no time to cook? With the selected Condito dishes you are still a perfect host.

The coordinated dishes in each individual box are a potpourri of the Alpine and Mediterranean flavours that make South Tyrol's cuisine so popular. Each recipe was created by renowned chefs from South Tyrol. The easy implementation at home was the decisive factor. Only South Tyrolean and Italian quality products are used as ingredients, which we have tried ourselves and whose suppliers we know personally. (We obtain the ingredients of the Thai-Box from selected suppliers from Bolzano).

With the Condito Cooking Box you buy a portioned menu including cooking instructions and not just raw ingredients. On the contrary: you receive homemade reductions, consommés, stocks or sauces, which have been produced in our kitchen studio in Bolzano. Handy and practical filled in jars. Thus your menus taste like homemade and are inimitable in taste.

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Beef Consommè - 800 ml

production: The consommè is not wrongly called the queen of soups. We only use South Tyrolean beef, which is then mixed with vegetables, Spices and a little bit of egg white cold and cooked for about 3-4 hours. Contents:  800 ml consomme allergens:  Preparation: Can be warmed up and mixed with an insert (vegetable strips, sponge cake, dumplings etc.) or can be used as an infusion for a roast or...

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