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There are many ways to preserve fish. Our ancestors already smoked, salted and pickled fish, especially fatty fish are particularly suitable here: salmon, eel, swordfish and butter mackerel for smoking and marinating, stockfish (cod) for salting and drying. At un you only get wild salmon, stockfish, smoked salmon, Räcuheraal and smoked swordfish of the highest quality.
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Trout tartar with honey 150-180g Trotaoro

Honey-ripened trout tartare is the result of a process whose idea came from Chef Peter Brunel during an edition of Ein Prosit, in which he presented the smoked trout cast in beeswax. From this intuition, Trota Oro then developed a process whose peculiarity is such that it is unique and consists precisely in refining it with honey, for which pure Italian mountain honey is used in addition to...

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Marinated char fish fillet 240g Trotaoro

For the marinating of the delicious charr marinated in bites, Trota Oro has chosen the vinegar produced by the Pojer e Sandri di Faedo (TN) farm, which follows strict and passionate principles of research of the highest quality in making this exclusive product. The use of this vinegar in marinating gives the biting char a touch of greater softness and aromaticity.

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