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The history of the Cantabrian anchovies has its roots between the late 1800s and the early 1900s when the first Sicilian fishermen arrived in Cantabria, on the Spanish coasts, and realized that there they had and worked the largest anchovy fillet they had ever seen. In particular, it was a Sicilian named Giovanni Vella Scatagliota, who came from Trapani to Santoña, sent by a Genoese company in search of packaged fish who, arrived in that port, found himself in front of an incredible show, destined to change forever the its history (and those of anchovies): the Basque coast full of anchovies. From there, he met Dolores, the woman who made him stay permanently in Spain, without ever returning to Sicily.

So Giovanni, together with other Sicilian emigrants, began to devote himself to the fishing of anchovies and their processing, teaching the Italian techniques to the Spaniards. It was they, in fact, who realized that the anchovies of those seas had an extraordinary meat and flavor that, if well worked, would make it more.

Over time the tradition of treating "Italian" anchovies has spread more and more, with the birth of numerous companies; today there is even a Brotherhood of Cantabrian Anchovies, which is responsible for protecting and enhancing this product, both nationally and otherwise.