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Foie gras is the highest expression of JdC quality and the base for all our business activity.
Jolanda de Colò was founded by “Alana” Jolanda de Colò based on the ancient and almost
forgotten Friuli tradition of her family: force-feeding geese. In order to learn the “fair” way
of producing foie gras according to the “savoire faire” principle we went all the way to
Perigaud, southeastern part of France, where making foie gras is an art. Today we lead the
market in Italy and we pride ourselves on the fact that we also import to the home of foie
gras, that is France. For our foie gras we use the liver of geese or duck. The whole geese liver
is firstly cleaned of the veins. Then it is salted and spiced then left curing for a few hours.
Then the different products take shape such as the geese liver roll, terrine or the wonderful
geese liver and tongue milefeuille.

Buy Foie gras  online at condito