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Buy beef, veal, lamb and chicken from Italy and South Tyrol online at Condito

South Tyrolean beef and veal - Kovieh

From the classic T-bone steak, roast beef and spitzrose, you will find all cuts of beef and veal, as well as the less known cuts such as flat iron, flank steak, spider, onglet, brisket and kidney cones. Our supplier for these delicacies is the butcher "Kaufmann" from Girlan, a master butcher with many years of experience who exclusively supplies us with South Tyrolean beef.

Lamb meat

Our butcher gives us lamb from South Tyrolean origin,

roasted raw or marinated it tastes extremely good,

in contrast to industrial lamb from other countries, it is free from antibiotics and genetically modified fattening feed.

Pig and chicken

We get our chicken from an Italian producer with organic certification and free keeping. Regarding pork, we unfortunately cannot fall back on local production, we source this from Spain and Italy and pay attention to species-appropriate husbandry.


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