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Buy hard cheeses and aged Italian cheeses online at Condito

With us you will find a beautiful Italian cheese selection from cow's milk, buffalo milk, goat's cheese and sheep's cheese. Small manufacturers ennoble these cheeses with special care and attention to detail, the production usually takes several months, whereby the cheese has to be turned over and over and checked for refinement. With us all cheese lovers get their money's worth, in this category there is the right type of cheese for every taste.

Aged Cheese

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When two products with a cultural character and tradition, such as buffalo milk and Aglianico, are brought together in a single product, the result can only be amazing. The Sbronzo with two milks, buffalo milk and cow's milk, comes from an intuition that is a tribute to taste. The soft paste embodies the freshness of freshly milked milk and the intensity of the aroma of the Aglianico grape. Two...

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Buffalo blue is born from the harmonious encounter between fresh milk and the flavor of spores of selected crops. A blue-veined cheese made from buffalo milk with a homogeneous and consistent white paste and green and blue speckles of the typical blue-veining process that recall the intense shades of our natural caves. The intense slightly aromatic taste and its strong tones make it a cheese...

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Caprotto cilentano goat cheese 140g

Caprotto cilentano is a goat cheese that is the synthesis of the mountain: unmistakable, exciting, they never leave you indifferent. It is a cheese produced using goat's milk, rennet and salt and obtained with the technology of cooked pasta cheeses. With a savory taste with a strong dry straw flavor, it is aged for about 3 months up to 1 year.

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