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Buy equipment and machines for avant-garde kitchens and molecular kitchens online

With us you will find all modernistic kitchen machines to prepare a gourmet menu at home. Smoking equipment, smoking oven, cream blower, foam machine, dryer and much more.

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Crème-Brûlée burner

Summary This Crème-Brûlée burner can be used in any angle, even upside down, without flaring. The burner is easily and securely attached to the gas cartridge, after emptying the cartridge simply attach the burner to a new cartridge. The flame is easy to ignite thanks to the piezo ignition and burns bright blue. Specifications More Information Product group Crème-Brûlée burners easy...

€21.80 Tax included 2 days

Smoking gun pro

Summary The smoking gun pro allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours like applewood & hickory without adding any heat. Removable stainless steel combustion chamber and smoking barrel, can't be melted by blowtorch use and prevents resin build up. The 50 cm flexible rubber hose is easy to install and remove. Heavy-duty removable fan - will not melt when...

€179.00 Tax included 2 days

Hendi Smoking

Summary Made from borosilicate glass, fitted with silicone vent to hold the tube of a smoke infuser. Ideal to use in combination with the smoke infuser, create a spectacular way to present dishes to customers. Specifications More Information Assembly required NoProduct group SmokingBrand Hendi

€52.00 Tax included 14 days

Smoke infuser

Summary The aluminium body functions as a heat sink, cooling the smoke before expelling it. Wood requires no pre-soaking prior to smoking. Can also be used with tea or spices. Removable smoking chamber with integrated filter. Flexible rubber hose (30 cm long) for easy injection of smoke into resealable bags and containers. Compact and lightweight enough to use with one hand. Gentle enough for...

€32.80 Tax included 2 days

Butane gas cartridge

Summary Only suitable for use in combination with portable gas stove (147610) and crème-brûlée burner anti flaring (198216). Not suitable for refilling gas lighters etc. Packed per 4 canisters. Order unit: box with 7 sets of 4 cans. Specifications More Information Product group Crème-Brûlée burners easy refillBrand Hendi

€2.90 Tax included 2 days

Smoke Oven Electric

The smoke oven is ideal for smoking a variety of foods such as fish, beef, ham and vegetables. Made of stainless steel, with a magnetically closing double-insulated door.Temperature adjustable with a thermostat, thermometer integrated in door.Equipped with a hot air vent on the rear.Supplied with 3 grids (400x279mm) and 3 meat hooks.

€298.00 Tax included 2 days


The perfect tool to create different shapes and sizes of spring, straight or conical, with caramel, chocolate or other preparations. Note: This model does not include the electric screwdriver. We recommend to buy an economic rechargeable screwdriver considering that it is not necessary a very powerful engine.

€91.50 Tax included 14 days

Foam Kit

Finally, a perfect foaming device, enabling you to obtain homogenous, stable foams within seconds. You can easily create small amounts - without using blender choosing either continuous work or precise instantaneous movements. Simply dissolve a portion of soya lecithin or another foaming agent, such as BUBBLES (by SOSA) in a liquid and pour the mixture into a tall and narrow container....

€63.60 Tax included 14 days

Confi Kit

The perfect attachment for coating nuts, truffles and a wide variety of confections with tempered chocolate and other coatings. It also sugar coats almonds, dried fruits, and cereals turning them into succulent dragees. This little coating pan attachment is adaptable to any model of Kenwood or KitchenAid stand mixer. You can make new pieces of sweet and savoury snacks for pastry, kitchen or use...

€559.00 Tax included 14 days
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CREAM WHIPPER PROFI LINE Makes delicious whipped cream, mousses, desserts, cold foams and sauces easily Perfect for garnishing cappuccinos, coffees, shakes and ice cream Suitable for dispensing warm creams and sauces up to 70°C Keeps contents fresh for up to 14 days in the refrigerator Includes 2 stainless steel, 1 polypropylene nozzle and a cleaning brush Requires cream charger (N₂O) to...

€79.06 Tax included 2 days