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Buy Italian and South Tyrolean sparkling wines online at Condito.

With us you will find a diverse selection of sparkling wines:
Franciacorta, Prosecco DOC, Trento DOC, first-class sparkling wine from South Tyrolean wineries and of course champagne. Simply buy excellent wines from well-known winemakers online and have them delivered to your home.

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Prosecco DOC Treviso Extradry "Dalbello"

Harvest time:First ten days of September.Technique of production of the base wine:The vinification is in white with soft pressing,juncture of light and fermentation at temperaturecontrolled at 18° C for 15 days.The base wine is then racked and stored in tanks oftemperature-controlled stainless steel at 8°C noto the mousse-taking phase.Sparkling:It is carried out with refermentation in autoclave...

€7.90 Tax included 2 days

Brut Von Braunbach sparkling wine 0,75 L

Von Braunbach Brood A South Tyrolean sparkling wine of the highest quality, of straw-yellow colour, fine-grained perlage and fresh, youthful, stimulating character. Produced according to the classic bottle fermentation process, it obtains its typical yeast tones through the long ageing process in the bottle. Recommended dishes: As an aperitif, light starters, seafood dishes. Location: Appiano...

€19.90 Tax included 14 days