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Ice-Cream Maker

Summary Ideal for making ice cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurt in up to 90 minutes. 2L ice cream container made of stainless steel. Air-cooled compressor with temperature range: -10°C to -35°C. With 2 hours cooling extension function to help keep the ice's consistency after it's ready. Prior chilling of ingredients not necessary. Large, back-lit digital display showing working time, freezing...

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Crème-Brûlée burner

Summary This Crème-Brûlée burner can be used in any angle, even upside down, without flaring. The burner is easily and securely attached to the gas cartridge, after emptying the cartridge simply attach the burner to a new cartridge. The flame is easy to ignite thanks to the piezo ignition and burns bright blue. Specifications More Information Product group Crème-Brûlée burners easy...

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Infrared pocket thermometer

INFRARED POCKET THERMOMETER Measuring range -55°C to 220°C. Unit of measurement °C or °F. Gradation 0,1°C, accuracy ±2%/2°C. Distance spot ratio 1:1, must be held close to the surface to be measured. Lock mode for continuous monitoring of temperatures. Min/max temperature function. Turns off automatically. Battery included. Art Nr mm max 271223 22x39x(H)115 -55/220°C

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Stick Blender Concept Line

Summary Designed with chefs in mind by Robert Bronwasser. ABS plastic housing and a stainless steel shaft. Stainless steel cross shaped blade with titanium coating. Powerful 250W motor, 6 speeds with LCD display. Maximum speed 13500 rpm. Suitable for processing 1 to 4 liters. Specifications More Information Electrician needed NoGradation 1.000000Gradation unit LPlumber needed NoProduct...

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Induction cooker IK 35

Induction cooker IK 35 Glass hob, stainless steel body Timer, digital display 10 power levels (500 - 3500 W) 10-level temperature setting (60 °C - 240 °C) Power: 3,5 kW / 230 V Electronic overheating protection W 343 x D 443 x H 125 mm The device is not suitable for continuous commercial use. Weight: 6.7 kg

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Precision scale 0.01 g.

Ideal for everyday weighing of ingredients that require little amount and high accuracy. Ingredients for specification. stabilizers for ice cream. sugar. salt. truffle. agar-agar. spices etc. Small. flat design. easy to use. overload and shock protection cover. Liquid spill resistant. quick turn on response and stabilization. LCD display. easy reading. tare function. automatic calibration....

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SLICER PROFI LINE 250 Aluminium housing. Air cooled engine protected by metal cover. Carriage with locking mechanism and acrylic safety shield. Easily removable parts for fast cleaning. Blade protection and built-in sharpener. Tilted model with high-quality blade. Not suitable for cutting cheese, only possible with separately sold non-stick coated knife. Blade diameter: 250 mm. Steplessly...

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Food Dehydrator Kitchen Line

Summary Stainless steel housing. For drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish, etc. Digital control panel. Timer adjustable up to 24 hours by 30 minute increments. Temperature adjustable from 35°C to 75°C by 5° increments. Silent fans circulate the warm air for an evenly dried result, without the need to rotate the trays. Fitted with 6 stainless steel grids, 327x330 mm each. Grids are...

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Smoking gun pro

Summary The smoking gun pro allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours like applewood & hickory without adding any heat. Removable stainless steel combustion chamber and smoking barrel, can't be melted by blowtorch use and prevents resin build up. The 50 cm flexible rubber hose is easy to install and remove. Heavy-duty removable fan - will not melt when...

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Compact Ice-Cream Maker

Create different ice-creams on your own using fresh ingredients.Give your ice-cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet or semi-frozen deserts avery personal flavour. Housing: stainless steel, plasticRemovable ice-cream container made of stainless steel,capacity: 2 litresFreezing range: to approx. -32 °CCoolant R600aCompressor refrigerationIce-cream production time:1,2 litres of ice-cream in approx. 30-60...

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DIGITAL PRECISION SCALE Weighs up to 5000g with...

Summary Weighs up to 5.000g with gradation of 1g with a minimum of 20g. Seamless stainless steel surface with built-in digital display. High precision strain gauge sensor for accurate measurements. Readout in g, kg, oz or lb'oz. Touch control with on-off/tare and unit buttons. With auto tare, overload and low power indication. Auto power off, powered by 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries, included....

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Fluke Food Pro

FLUKE FOOD PRO Temperature scan by means of infrared. HACCP check lights provide instant recognition of safe/unsafe temperatures. Measuring range from -30°C to 200°C, accuracy 1°C. IP 54, hand washable. Battery included. Art Nr mm max 271452 150x30x(H)50 -30/200°C

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SLOW JUICER Ideal for: fresh juices, mousses, paste and fruit cocktails. Suitable for soft (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) as well as hard fruit and vegetables (beetroot, turnip, ginger) and herbs, grass, sprouts (nettle, wheatgrass, dandelion). In comparison to traditional juicers, this device squeezes much more juice and the remaining fruit and vegetable pulp is almost completely dry...

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Induction cooker IK 35SK

Induction cooker IK 35SK quick and easy operation - temperature adjustment by knob operation Schott Ceran hob, stainless steel body Digital temperature display on ceramic cooking surface 10-level temperature setting Temperature range: 60 - 240 °C Power: 3,5 kW / 230 V Electronic overheating protection Size: W 340 x D 445 x H 125 m The device is not suitable for continuous commercial use....

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iVide circulator stick plus junior

Summary High precision sous vide thermal circulator with temperature control. 4 Inch high resolution touch screen interface. Designed to fit to any round or flat cooking vessel with a minimum depth of 16.5cm by means of a clamp. Best performances up to 45 litres. Working temperature 5°C to 99°C, accuracy 0.07°C. Timer can be set between 1 minute and 99 hours. WiFi enabled, can be controlled...

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Meat grinder FW10

Whether for minced meat, pâté, spreads oralso shortbread cookies - with the extensive accessoriesis the meat mincer for the use of smallerQuantities multifunctional. Plastic housing, Mühltrichter stainless steel / cast aluminumDisc diameter: 62 mmMaximum capacity: 10 kg / hIntegrated storage compartment forthe retention of the perforated discsPower: 0.85 kW / 230 V 50/60 HzDimensions: W 350 x D...

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