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If you are looking for a gift with personality and originality for an important occasion here in our Condito online store we have everything you need.
Or maybe you are looking for something that will surprise your palate and your guests and that envelops you with its aromas. From Condito we propose a large section of pickles and under'oli with which you will be more than satisfied. Our products are the result of zero-kilometer production from Puglia where the manufacture is carried out with care and dedication. They are the hands of farmers who know how to work a high quality product and turn it into a culinary delight. The raw materials are collected manually and are taken immediately to the processing center where they are followed the ancient recipes of the family, along with the most modern techniques of natural conservation.
This process gives life to a final product of the highest quality, which preserves all the nutritional properties, vitamins and minerals.
From Condito we want to guarantee the originality and quality of our products, so as to ensure that the production is totally zero kilometer and the materials used in the manufacture are of the highest class.
Pickled & Marinated

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Lampascioni alla pugliese - I contadini, G 230

A wild fruit found 5 - 10 cm under the ground. They cannot be cultivated and their harvest is guaranteed by the farmers who pick them with special equipment and bring them to our farm. They must be washed well, blanched with water and vinegar and cleaned by hand with a small knife. It is a very meticulous work that requires great care and a lot of time. Finally it is put in by hand....

€12.64 Tax included 2 days

Long tomatoes dried in the sun

Long tomatoes are grown in April and May, and harvested and processed manually in July and August. Washed, selected, cut, placed on drying frames, salted and left in the sun for 4-5 days. Then subjected to a new selection and a new washing with water and vinegar. Seasoned with Mediterranean spices and potted in extra virgin olive oil. To get 1 kg of sun-dried tomatoes, it takes about 10 kg of...

€6.31 Tax included 14 days

Great appetizer of Salento

The vegetables that make up this dried appetizer are grown in open field from April to May, and collected manually from June to September.They are washed, selected, cut into layers and left to dry on the frames for 3-4 days.Product ready to be served at the table as an appetizer or as a side dish. Chopping vegetables can be used to dress a rice salad or a cold pasta. In summary: short supply...

€6.33 Tax included 14 days

Red onion dried with cooked grape must

Onions are grown in open field since February and are harvested by hand in June, when they are fully ripe. Each onion is washed, washed, sliced and dried in a completely natural way. This type of processing preserves all the crispness and every organoleptic property. Subsequently it is macerated in the terracotta of grapes according to an ancient recipe of our territory. It can accompany white...

€7.59 Tax included 14 days

the leccine olives

They are typical olives of our area and are harvested between October and November, halfway through veraison. The olive growersconfer on our farm. It is here that they are washed, divided according to size, deamarizedin water and salt for about 6 months. After this time they are again selected to choose the best and always filled with salt and pasteurized water. They are our small olives,...

€5.98 Tax included 2 days

Capers of Salento

They are typical of the Salento landscape and the tradition of the farmers. During the whole of the early twentieth century, whole families were pouring into the countryside to collect the capers, one by one, from the bushy and low plants. In the 70s Racale was among the leading countries in the production of capers.Today, unfortunately, there are fewer farmers who gather capers on our farm....

€6.00 Tax included 14 days

Crudaiola artichokes 8/10 pcs

Small, tender and tasty, these artichokes are of the autochthonous variety called "brindisino".Cultivation begins in October, while harvesting begins in April.The processing takes place from fresh within eight hours: it is defoliated and turned manually with a small knife. Immediately after it is put into extra-virgin olive oil without adding any other condiments or spices, to make the most of...

€8.75 Tax included 14 days

Artichokes with crudaiola stalk

The artichokes with stem are of the "Brindisi" variety. They do not reproduce in nurseries, but are grown by taking the plants from already existing plantations. The cultivation takes place starting from October, the harvest starts in March.The processing, which takes place within eight hours from the fresh, consists of a first defoliation and manual cleaning with a knife and a paring knife....

€11.00 Tax included 14 days

Crudaiola puntarella 520g

The "Puntarelle" are the heart of CICORIA CATALOGNA, a typical salad of our territory. Sowing begins in October and the vegetable is harvested between January and February. The plant is leafless and the "scattuni", ie the shoots, are cut manually. They are delicately tanned to ripen for a few days, then they are taken and stored in oil without adding flavorings or spices.

€10.58 Tax included 14 days

Paté of black olives

The leccine and celline olives are typical of our area. They are collected between October and November. Washed and mixed in water and salt for about 6 months, the olives are then processed to extract the pulpit constitutes this paté composed of both varieties, to give a perfect balance of taste and color. Paté comesinvaded, using extra virgin olive oil. It is a perfect paté for bruschetta and...

€4.51 Tax included 14 days

La Rustica - Classic Tomato Passata 500 g

This type of tomato is grown in the "peasants" farm in the open field from April to May. Collectionit takes place strictly by hand during the months of July and August. Tomatoes are processed fresh and handcrafted:blanched, passed, invaded with fresh basil without the addition of salt. It is a dense, pulpy, rustic past and made in a traditional way. Ready in 5 minutes. Exceptional with...

€2.75 Tax included 14 days