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Crudaiola artichokes 8/10 pcs

Small, tender and tasty, these artichokes are of the autochthonous variety called "brindisino".Cultivation begins in October, while harvesting begins in April.The processing takes place from fresh within eight hours: it is defoliated and turned manually with a small knife. Immediately after it is put into extra-virgin olive oil without adding any other condiments or spices, to make the most of...

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Crudaiola puntarella 520g

The "Puntarelle" are the heart of CICORIA CATALOGNA, a typical salad of our territory. Sowing begins in October and the vegetable is harvested between January and February. The plant is leafless and the "scattuni", ie the shoots, are cut manually. They are delicately tanned to ripen for a few days, then they are taken and stored in oil without adding flavorings or spices.

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