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Lampascioni alla pugliese - I contadini, G 230

A wild fruit found 5 - 10 cm under the ground. They cannot be cultivated and their harvest is guaranteed by the farmers who pick them with special equipment and bring them to our farm. They must be washed well, blanched with water and vinegar and cleaned by hand with a small knife. It is a very meticulous work that requires great care and a lot of time. Finally it is put in by hand....

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Long tomatoes dried in the sun

Long tomatoes are grown in April and May, and harvested and processed manually in July and August. Washed, selected, cut, placed on drying frames, salted and left in the sun for 4-5 days. Then subjected to a new selection and a new washing with water and vinegar. Seasoned with Mediterranean spices and potted in extra virgin olive oil. To get 1 kg of sun-dried tomatoes, it takes about 10 kg of...

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Great appetizer of Salento

The vegetables that make up this dried appetizer are grown in open field from April to May, and collected manually from June to September.They are washed, selected, cut into layers and left to dry on the frames for 3-4 days.Product ready to be served at the table as an appetizer or as a side dish. Chopping vegetables can be used to dress a rice salad or a cold pasta. In summary: short supply...

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