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Extra virgin olive oil D'aragona 250 ml

It has a great character, but is also distinguished by harmony, complexity and balance. Never invasive, it is an excellent companion for all dishes. D'Aragona is a 100% oil made in Conversano, which speaks of the territory in which it is born, rooted in this history, along with olive trees planted in leopard scrub. Ours is a rich oil: the Olivastro cultivar prevails, but the cultivars Simone,...

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Agro di Mosto - Balsamico Basic 5 liters

The Agro di Mosto is always obtained only from cooked must of local grapes, slowly vinified in oak barrels (the abbesses).The name reflects well the soul of the product: a must (cooked of course), mainly of Lambrusco grapes, made agro by a slow acetification in semi-filled abbess.The alternative, economically super-sustainable, we have created for the gourmet (private or restaurateur) who does...

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Il Rigatone

Rigatoni di Pasta di Canossa are bronze-drawn and dried according to the tradition of great artisanal pastas. Its final texture allows the sauce to adhere perfectly to each single rigatone, to give the palate a real explosion of flavors. Extremely versatile in combinations, this pasta format is suitable for the creation of many first courses.

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